An Elected Senate?

Do we really want an elected Senate?

House of Sober Second Thought

House of Sober Second Thought


With the Canadian Senate falling on hard times, there is no shortage of proposals for reforming the upper chamber. Some critics would even prefer to abolish the place altogether. Others are more partial to having senators elected (notwithstanding low voter turnout) as opposed to merely appointed on the basis of political party connections.
By having Canadians elect their senators, so the argument goes, they will have the consent of the governed and thus political legitimacy and accountability.
Not much thought, though, has gone into what exactly the implications will be for having elected senators — and presumably elected senators with political power.

Senators should be elected, voted out

… we must do something about the clubby appointment system that encourages the entitlement mentality. We need to be able to elect our senators and then after a certain term we need the right to vote them out.

What’s an elected Senate for?

Triple-E model, “Equal, elected and effective” for what? Why should Canadians care? Four powerful arguments why Canadians should care spring to mind that need to be fleshed out and vigorously debated.

Criticizing the EEE Senate

An EEE Senate denotes a Senate that is equal, elected and effective. What’s not to like?

Debate Wise: Should the Canadian Senate be elected?


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