The Senate? Oh what to do!

House of Sober Second Thought

House of Sober Second Thought

The Senate has come to much critism of late with calls for reform and even abolishment.
What is the Senate and what is it’s purpose?

The official Parliamentary website gives this: About the Senate

The Senate is the upper house in Canada’s bicameral parliamentary democracy. The original Senate, created in 1867, had 72 seats, but more seats were added as the country grew. The Constitution now directs that the Senate have 105 appointed members.

The Senate was created to counterbalance representation by population in the House of Commons. In recent years, the Senate has come to bolster representation of groups often underrepresented in Parliament, such as Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities and women. The Senate was also intended to provide Parliament with a second chance to consider bills before they are passed. Senators may pass bills, propose amendments to them or vote to defeat them.

Canadians need to take a much deeper look into what the Senate is, what the Senate is supposed to be and what all the Senate could be. To that end we have published three articles which may be of service.

The Call For an Elected Senate
With the Canadian Senate falling on hard times, there is no shortage of proposals for reforming the upper chamber. Some critics would even prefer to abolish the place altogether.

Abolish The Senate, Please
Senators do not have any mandate from any Canadian in the country. They are unelected, unaccountable, and they belong to an undemocratic institution.

A More Equitable Senate
A suggestion is to have the Senators appointed according to the percentage of votes each party received in the last General Election.


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