Make Your Member of Parliament Accountable


Members of Parliament have a duty to be accountable to their constituents

The premise behind Make Your Member of Parliament Accountable, MYMPA, is in response to the lack of democracy which has become a culture of partisanship rooted in party politics. We need to limit the influence of political parties. The House and Senate, democracy will improve. The culture of partisanship will transform into co-operation, open debate, and compromise which leads to good legislation.

MYMPA – Make Your Member of Parliament Accountable is a six year plan to reform Parliament from the grass roots level. We need several people in each constituency to carry out and promote this mission. This is not a new political party. MYMPA will work best as a cross party, bipartisan association.

Each candidate for election in 2015 will sign a contract with the Constituents of their constituency promising to serve the constituents rather than the party. The contract will be fair and non-partisan and for many MPs have no effect on their Parliamentary routine. Those candidates who sign the contract will have an advantage over those who don’t. A candidate who refuses to sign will reduce his chances of being elected. See proposed MP Contract.

The Second objective of MYMPA is to draft a Job Description for a Member of Parliament. As of today there is no list of responsibilities or tasks for an MP to follow other than orders from the house party leader and what the Ethics Committee has judged reasonable. See proposed Job Description.

Is a Job Description Important? See: Job Description

Nowhere in the Canadian Parliamentary website can one find a job description for a Member of Parliament. There is a “here is what your MP does” but is not very detailed and rather ambiguous.

Empowering backbench MPs is a good thing for Canadians – Mark Coffin, The Globe and Mail

Before Parliament can become a deliberative space again, party caucuses must be guided by rules that create the conditions under which MPs feel deliberation is possible without demotion, and where leaders have a reason to listen to them.
And, since the most basic level of formal engagement with Canadian politics is to elect a Member of Parliament, empowering that member to be more effective is one of the most necessary moves to restore faith in the democratic process and entice citizens to get involved in every level of it.

The electorate is not powerless. Sign up and become involved with the MYMPA in your constituency.


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