Fair Election

Canada Needs a Fair Election

Elections must be Fair

Elections must be Fair

MYMPA – A grass roots movement to bring a measure of reality and accountability to our Members of Parliament. We need to make Parliament an effective institution to improve the needs and prosperity for all Canadians by having:

Why a Fair Election?

Elections are the supporting pillar to democracy. Without a Fair Election, Fair Parliament will not happen. Elections are the “Job Interview” for Constituency Representative, whether for House of Commons, Provincial Legislature, or Municipal Council, candidates should know up front what their constituents expect of them. This is change which MPs have talked about and desired but none will commit. See: The Parliament We Want.

As Parliamentarians, we believe the leadership needed to create that new Parliament will come largely from within. It is up to Parliament and its members to drive that change.

That was written in 2003 by a Parliamentary committee, yet, 11 years later and no change has happened.
If the politicians won’t – If Parliament won’t –  then the people of Canada must!

The word democracy, originally Greek, (demokratía) means “rule of the people”. Representative democracy, besides holding elections, must allow for a limited direct democracy: initiative, referendum (plebiscite), and recall.

We need several persons in each electoral district dedicated to Parliamentary reform to be part of the most dramatic change in politics in Canada since 1867.

If you would like to become part of this ground breaking movement fill-in  form below.


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