To whom is the accountability of a Member of Parliament owed?


Members of Parliament have a duty to be accountable to their constituents

Ever heard the adage; Who pays the piper calls the tune.
Who pays the salary of Members of Parliament? The Canadian public. It is the taxes from honest, hardworking Canadians that maintain the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa.
It is the constituents who elect Members of Parliament. It is the constituents to whom each Member of Parliament must be accountable.
Canadians can no longer allow Political Parties to hijack our Government with their partisan agendas.

MYMPA – Make Your Member of Parliament Accountable

MYMPA is a grassroots organization whose intent is to loosen the control of political parties over Members of Parliament and return accountability back to constituents.

Over the past 40 years or more, Parliament has become increasingly under the control of the Political Party in power and hence under the Prime Minister. So much so that democracy itself is being threatened. The Prime Minister’s use of appointments in near all aspects of Government positions from Cabinet to Senate to Party Whip to Parliamentary Committees and the heads of each has become almost dictatorial. The PM’s sole prerogative to call parliamentary agenda, to limit debate, to limit questions, to prorogue Parliament, is far from true and open democracy.

All Political Parties have called for reform of both the House and the Senate. (See: The Parliament We Want)  but, none have put forward any practical legislation to do so. In the meantime, both the House and the Senate have increasingly become partisan puppets to party politics and to the detriment of good government and democracy.

It is time for change.

Since the politicians refuse to reform Parliament, it is time for citizens to take action.

When the elected won’t, the people must! The people have no other choice.

MPs need authority, yes. And clear responsibilities

There is good in Michael Chong’s proposed Reform Act. The very step of introducing it enlivens and enlightens our parliamentary democracy.
That it focuses on giving more authority to individual members of Parliament away from party leaders on leadership selection and local nomination contests shows how far Parliament has strayed from its original principles. Unfortunately, the bill itself strays from addressing the underlying issue: the roles and responsibilities of MPs themselves.

Citizens for Accountable Members of Parliament propose to have each candidate for election sign a contract with the Constituents of each perspective constituency promising to serve the constituents before their party. In other words, DO THEIR JOB.

We need a committee of bipartisan volunteers in each constituency in Canada to oversee the administration of this Parliament changing proposal.

Become a participant of MYMPA, Make Your Member of Parliament Accountable and hold your him/her to account.


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