Hello. I am Richard Tilley, creator and producer of this website Parliament Reform Canada.
My interest in politics is fiscal responsibility in conjunction with service to Canada. My political leanings are not with any one party although I admit that while living in North Vancouver I did vote Conservative in 2006 mostly due to the candidate.

Bill C-23, the so-called “Fair Elections Act”, I admit some bias against, was the trigger for this website. I view the bill as a last ditch attempt of a paranoid regime doing all in their power to stay in controll. To that end, this website looks at the ways and means whereby the next General Election in Canada can and will be conducted fairly.

More than just the next General Election, this website seeks to find ways to reform Parliament, to restore both the House of Commons and the Senate to serving the people of Canada and to that end seeks the opinions and input from grassroot Canadian voters. Canada needs your help if elections and Parliament are ever to be “Fair”.

Please take the time to explore, sign up, and participate and give your opinions.

Thank you.
Richard Tilley


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