Politics, the Bad Name in Government


Politics – it is not a game

Because they Get Away with It! And we let them.

Over the last several Government administrations, the Prime Minister’s Office, PMO, has been usurping many of the checks and balances within Canada’s Parliament to the point where there is a definite deficit to democracy itself. The huge bureaucracy subsequent Prime Ministers have added within their powers is exceedingly costly both in dollars and in lack of democratic procedures. This unfettered rule over Parliament has eroded the trust the people of Canada have in our elected institutions. Time after time politicians from all parties and stripes have railed against the exorbitant powers of the PMO but, through the years and several administrations no attempts to curtail the PMO have been introduced. For years all parties, Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Greens, have with all vehement denunciation promised change but, for years none has come.

Within every party platform is almost identical suggestions of reform yet, the atrocity remains. Why? All political parties are mutually obcessed with the power and the ability to put forward their own brand of partisan policy. They are all under the delusion that they gain election points for promises of reform. Politicians, our elected MPs, are under the authority of their respected party and all realize that without the political capital within their party they are reduced to near nobodies and virtually unable to be re-elected. That is what democracy in Canada is up against. That is how low democracy in Canada has come.

Politics Serve Politicians, Not Canadians

…..And we’re aware that you want some kind of independent arbitrator for elections and democracy. But we are taking these actions because we believe that, despite all you say, you don’t care enough to take it out on us. We’ll get away with it and you’ll just move on.”

This is a slap in the face of every citizen in this country, but some people in power are banking on the hunch that we’ll just shrug and walk away. If they turn out to be right, then soldiers and electoral officers alike are going to start wondering what kind of democracy they were protecting anyway.

This government is banking on the reality that we don’t have the courage, the dedication for a long struggle, or even the will to raise our collective voice. These present actions might well put one of the last nails in the coffin of citizen engagement or will resurrect it. It all depends of whether we care enough for our defenders in the battlefields and the ballot boxes. If we don’t rise up, they lose and all that arrogance will have won the day.

Show Your Courage! Raise your collective voice!
Make Your Member of Parliament Responsible, MYMPA, can change politics in Canada.


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